High Humidex (extreme heat) Policy

The High Humidex and other policies relating to West Carleton Soccer Club house league (Micro, U6, U8 and U18) can be found in the "About" section of this website.

If the high humidex policy is triggered, notice will be posted here by the times indicated in the policy:

WCSC MICRO CANCELLED THURSDAY, AUGUST 4 (last day of program will now be August 18)


U6/U8 FESTIVAL:  Saturday,  August 20, 2022 -- schedules now posted, visit the Recreational page for your age group for more information.

U10 AND OLDER, FESTIVAL/CUP FOR TEAMS PLAYING IN GLSL:  Weekend of August 13/14, 2022.  Schedules are now available at www.glsl.ca; information is posted on the home page regarding days team play, format, etc.  Use the "My Team" "Team Schedule" feature to find the games for individual teams.

SportsEngine -- "claim your account"

Please note, SportsEngine is the company that handles the current Ontario Soccer registration data base.  Registration can appear complicated and confusing:

  1. First you register with out club on our website www.wcsc.ca, this gives our Board the information we need to assign participants to a team.
  2. Before a participant is insured to participate in soccer activities, our administration needs to register the participant with Ontario Soccer (this is where SportsEngine becomes involved).
  3. One of the pieces of information that is required for insurance purposes is a valid email address.   When our administration enters your email address for insurance purposes, it triggers an email from SportsEngine to your email address requesting you "claim" your account.
  4. It is safe to claim the account (which should stop repeated requests to do so).  Once that account is claimed, you can update your email address and any corrections to spelling of participants names that may have typos -- please do not change to other than the participant's legal name.
  5. You will also need to make the updates in your membership account on the www.wcsc.ca website to have the correct profile for future registrations.
  6. You will not use the SportsEngine account for anything else to do with your participation in West Carleton Soccer -- there is no further information pertinent to your soccer team on that platform.  
Rowan's Law: The Risk - Know the Signs of a Concussion

As mandated by the province through Rowan's Law, it is a requirement to have parents and team staff confirm every year that they have reviewed Ontario's concussion awareness resources.  All players (a parent or guardian for players under 18) must have read the documents and completed the Rowan's Law acknowledgement prior to participating in any game/practice/try-out/assessment. 

Review the following documents prior to completing the acknowledgement, which is included in the on-line registration for all programs as of August 28, 2019.  On-line registration must be completed prior to participation in any soccer activity. 

The Risk - Know the Signs of a Concussion 


Thank you for your understanding and compliance with this important issue -- read/review the documents before you register for any program with WCSC, document links:

  1. Recognize Symptoms of a Concussion
  2.  Designated Person (Per Phase 2 of Rowan's Law) 
  3.  Removal from and Return to Play
  4.  Code of Conduct for Players (and parents of players under 18)
  5.  Code of Conduct for Team Officials (Coaches, etc.)


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