West Carleton Soccer Club

High Humidex Policy

High Humidex Policy for WCSC 
Micro and House League

For WCSC Micro Program and House League games (team practices for U8 and U18 are held at the discretion of the team coach):

  • Micro, U6, U8  only:  If the humidex is equal to or greater than 37C 90 minutes before scheduled kick off, the game shall be cancelled.
  • Teams playing in the EOSL, GLSL, OCSL:  please check the website for the league your team plays in for the league's policy.

Any game started, that according to this policy should not have been, shall be forfeited by the Away Team and the score shall be recorded as 2-0 in favour of the Home Team.

Cancelled games may be rescheduled by the WCSC if time allows before the end of the season.

Notice of High Humidex Cancellation

If the Humidex has not decreased below 37C for Micro/U6/U8 and the cancellation policy is triggered, the WCSC shall post a Cancellation Notice on the website and issue a High Humidex Cancellation e-mail to the WCSC House League team contacts and Referees at least 90 minutes prior to game KO.

This policy may be modified for the House League Festival/Tournament.

Policy Adopted 21-June-2007
Policy Amended 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2023

Note: this link to  Environment Canada weather used to determine temperature for the purposes of this policy.

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