WCSC schedules for U6 and U8 teams now posted
May 19, 2022

Click here to go to the West Carleton Soccer Club scheduling website

Important:  Use the "My Team" section in the top menu, then select your team from the drop down menu in the centre of the page.  At left you will see a menu that includes "Schedule", click on "Schedule" to see the full schedule for your team.  Click on the field link in the schedule for directions to the venue.   FOR U6 AND U8 TEAMS, MINI FIELDS ARE DIVIDED IN TWO (two teams play on each half) -- eg Carp Mini 1A and Mini 2A are closest to the centre path.  Field maps are also available here.

For U6:  The home and away team will share the assigned field to practice separately for the first half hour, then get together for a scrimmage for the last half hour.

For U8:  Be sure to use the "My Team" function to see all your practices and games -- practices all show as PRAC in the Division and the "game number" starts with a 7.  Most teams will share a practice field, where the "away" team is listed as "to be determined" there is  no other team sharing the practice field.

Please check the schedule regularly as changes may occur.

If you have not been contacted by a coach to let you know which team you are on, please check your junk mail before reaching out to the Program Director for assistance:

U6:  U6@wcsc.ca

U8:  U8@wcsc.ca

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