Rescheduling Games -- all leagues

There are deadlines both before and after the original schedule date for league games that need to be met to reschedule games  -- these are in place to allow for sufficient warning for players, team officials and referees that a game has changed and to fit rescheduled games in to the regular season. 

First Step The team requesting the reschedule needs to contact the appropriate league with as much notice as possible so the game can be "parked" (usually in December) until a new date is established.  When a game is changed, the team contacts for both teams and any assigned referee(s) are automatically notified of the change. 

For games you are *allowed to reschedule, the home team will be responsible for contacting their opponent after the game has been removed from the original schedule date and proposing some alternate dates.  The home team will need to contact their field scheduler to find out what fields are available on various dates.   For WCSC, email

How to find contact information for your opponent: 

EODSL AND GLSL:  login to the league website as a team official, in the team management tab, click on the "contact" button, links will come up for "my team" and "opponents" -- click on "opponents" and scroll down to find the team you need to contact.

WCSC AND OCSL:  login in to the league website (the site you use to print your game sheets), click "Contact" in the top menu, then "Team Contacts" in the left menu -- a drop down menu will appear in the centre of the page for you to choose the team you are trying to contact.

*The Competitive and Adult leagues may restrict the number of games you can reschedule; games that have been forfeited by one or both teams will not be rescheduled in any league.