As part of our at home development program all registered Talons players will have access to an app called MyPersonalFootballCoach

The app is available on the android as well as ios platforms or you can simply log on using the website.

There are over 100 videos ready to be downloaded and saved to your phone so you can even use MyPersonalFootballCoach without using up your Data or hogging the Wi-Fi. The drills are designed to need minimal equipment to allow most players to work on them in their own backyard.

Below is some helpful info on logging in and how to navigate the app. But first you can watch a little intro to the desktop version from Talons' Head Coach Paul Bowie:


How to log in:

ALL PASSWORDS are set to soccer123 initially.


for example if Joe Smith plays on the u12 team, his username would be



  • In case of duplicate first names on the SAME team, the first letter of the last name was used as well. So if there were two players named Joe the log in for Joe Smith would be

  • ALL U13BOYS. In order to keep the two teams separate, the log in for u13 boys would be either (Dave's team) or (Mark's team)


If you are a registered Talons player and have trouble logging in please email to let us know and and we will try to get it sorted out for you.


Updating Name and login info:

Once you have logged in, players may change their email address, password and personal information using the "View Account Settings"


Using the app:

Players are encouraged to explore all the features the app offers. To gain access to the instructional materials players must scroll to the very bottom of the app and selected their "Dynamic Ball Mastery Course". The course available has been matched to each player's age group.


Selecting the course will open a sub menu. From here, you can access the lesson videos. 





Upload your videos

If you want to show off your new skills, or post a challenge to your team mates, you can do so by uploading a video in "My Training Videos" and sharing it using the "add to team library" check box. Note: only your own team will be able to see your video. To upload you must upload BOTH your video file AND a photo you wish to use as the thumbnail image. The app will not allow you to upload the video file on its own.

You can also check out who has already posted in "My Team Library" and you can "like" their videos.


There are many other features this app offers, such as timers, team leader boards, as well as video challenges and featured drills. Please have a look around and explore the different sections of the app.

Your coaches may assign you specific tasks or you can just go and practice on your own.

Have fun and challenge your friends!