Optional Gear


If you or your team wish to order any optional clothing or accessories there are several options for bags and additional uniform items available. Each team can decide how they want to proceed; coaches should let their teams know their preference. An individual player can go to the site, order what they want, pay for it directly and have it delivered to their home address, or teams may wish to coordinate payment and have one person order for the entire team.

The web-store is fully operational and teams and/or individual players can now order directly by clicking on the desired image below.


Ordering from a mobile device:

Please note that when ordering from a mobile device you must click on the item twice (NOT double click) in order to the able to add it to your gear bag. The first click will bring up a description, the second click will allow you to select sizing and quantity to be added to gear bag.


How to order:

The webstore has two tabs, Talons Merchandise and Club Merchandise, please double check that you are ordering your item with the desired crest. Once your items are added to the "gear bag" you can proceed with online payment.


Talons Merchandise tab

This section of the webstore applies specificly to the Talons (development) teams. These items feature the Talons Crest and are only available approved Talons colours.



Club Merchandise tab

This section of the webstore applies all teams. These items feature the Club Crest  and several items are available in a multitude of colours.