Letter to U8 and U10 Coaches

all U8 and U10 West Carleton Soccer Club House League Coaches

Welcome to the West Carleton Soccer Club 2018  Festival!

The WCSC House League Festival is a celebration of the conclusion of another season of sport. Our goal is not to separate the winners and losers but celebrate the participation of every individual and every team and the achievement of every person against their own capabilities. As a club, as coaches, and parents a successful season should not measured in wins and losses; it should be measured by how many of our children return to play again next year.  You are the most important ingredient in our success and we are very grateful for your contribution and leadership this year; thank you so much, and have a fun Festival.

Below are a few important notes regarding the Festival. Please review and then share the information with all the parents and players on your team.  Rules, schedules, code of conduct and True Sport information are all on our website www.wcsc.ca

 Please, please, have your team and parents pickup all of their garbage after each and every game. Please remind your players and parents to use the bins.

Please treat our referees with respect.   Most of them are young soccer players; all are trying to ensure our games are safe and fair. Try to keep in mind that the referee has to call the game as he/she sees it and unless you are standing where the referee is, you cannot have the same view of the game. what is and

There are many views on what is and what is not a hand ball. Team “advantage” greatly affects the referee’s decision on these calls. Please remind your parents to let the referees call the game. On the handball front, not every ball that comes in contact with a player's hand is a hand ball. The rule is directed at intentional touches of the ball. Again, please remind the parents to let the referees call the game.

Some key notes.....

1.     Team registration: Please register at least 10 minutes prior to your first game at the Administration Tent.  To reduce waste, we will have one copy of the Festival Rules, a schedule, the True Sport awards and a garbage bag in your registration package. Copies will be posted in the administration tent and are on our website. 

2.     The Fair Play Rule,  that as far as reasonably practical all players receive approximately the same playing time, applies all season and in the Festival. At the Festival Marshals and club officials will be observing many games to ensure the rule is being applied. The rule is clear, so please play all your players equally, in every game, half.  If you need clarification on a rule, ask, and ask now.

3.     No dogs  will be allowed on or near the soccer fields. Please take a moment to inform parents, grandparents, friends and other spectators about this rule.

4.     Returning again this year is the True Sport Player Award, which will be given by each team, to a member of the opposing team, during each game throughout the Festival. True Sports are those players who embody the Fun and Fair Play values: they show leadership, respect themselves, their fellow players, and the game, and demonstrate by their actions that the goal is to have fun playing soccer, whatever the outcome. Take some time to discuss these concepts with your players and try to get them to nominate their opponent’s True Sport.

5.     Please note that the WCSC Code of Conduct applies to the Festival as it does to the regular season. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that players, fans and they themselves abide by this Code. Please take a minute to review the Code with your players prior to the Festival.

6.     Team and Fan Location on the field:  We are asking that coaches and players set up between the two mini fields, and that all fans view the game from the sides. This means that the coaches and players from both teams will be essentially beside one another. Coaches, please leave enough room between you to allow for easy substitutions at centre field and coaching. Those familiar with competitive soccer will recognize this configuration. Please remind fans and players to sit well back from the sides of the field so that players can play and ARs or linesmen can do their jobs without worrying about stepping on people.  

7.     Game Times:  The posted times are the times the games are to start. You will need to warm up before the posted game time – not on the game field. Please take the field at the scheduled time with your starting line and be ready to play.  

8.     Pinnies:  If you might be playing another team with the same colour of jerseys, it is the responsibility of the ‘HOME’ team to wear a different colour. Teams with pinnies are asked to bring them to the Festival.

9.     Game reporting:  Please submit your completed game sheet to the registration tent within 15 minutes of the end of each game in the round robin.  Even though we are not keeping score, we need a record of every player that has participated in each game.

10.  Talons Competitive Tryouts:  The 2019 Talons try-outs will be held in the spring of 2019. If you have players who particularly skilled or passionate about the game please encourage them to sign-up for the tryouts at www.wcsc.ca, using the “register” button to access their membership account, players must be registered in advance -- notice will be sent to all players when registration is open.

11.   Prizes for U8-U10 Teams:  Every Festival participant is awarded a prize at the end of their last game. Immediately following their last game, U8 coaches will need to turn in the team equipment to receive a token to bring to the admin tent to get the team medals.  U10 team equipment will be collected when their league games are finished.  Managing equipment is a major undertaking for our volunteers. You can help by sorting your gear and unused shirts into the bins and throwing away any worn out balls, gloves, and pinnies.    

12.  At U8 and U10 there is special emphasis on the game and not on identifying winners and losers. This remains true for the Festival; there are no championship games or standings at U8 or U10. 

We hope you enjoy the Festival!