Festival Rules for U6 and U8 teams

W.C.S.C. FESTIVAL RULES FOR U6 and U8 (Revised August 14, 2019)

Coaches must register their team at the administration tent a minimum of 15 minutes before their first game.  Regular season rules, by-laws and the WCSC code of conduct remain in effect unless stated otherwise in this document. At a previous Festival/Tournament, a child was injured by a dog bite. Absolutely no dogs will be allowed on or near the soccer fields during the WCSC Festival/Tournament. In addition to the risk associated with injury, dogs have disrupted games in the past.  


This Festival/Tournament is about FUN AND FAIR PLAY for our children, and as such, the Fair Play Rule will be in effect. The Festival/Tournament Committee will monitor this throughout the entire Festival/Tournament. Complaints should be brought to the Festival/Tournament Committee. In the event of a dispute concerning how a team plays its children, the decision of the Disciplinary Committee and how the decision affects a team shall be final.

Fair Play and Equal Playing Time Rule (Fair Play Rule): 

The spirit of the Fair Play Rule is that all properly equipped players present at a game for their team must be substituted so that each receives equal time on and off the field. This is to be done each game and throughout each game during the regular season and the Festival/Tournament. 

The exception is the keeper who can play the full game in nets. However, once the keeper has been substituted, the former keeper cannot remain on the field to make up time. In other words, players in goal in one half must be substituted equally in the other half. 

The onus is on the coach to ensure the spirit of the Fair Play Rule and equal playing time for all players is carried out. Our intention as the WCSC is to develop a love of the game for all involved. Fair Play is in place to support this intention.


All players must be registered with the WCSC for 2019 No players registered to play development (competitive) soccer in 2019 will be allowed to play in the Festival/Tournament. Players can only play on one team for the Festival/Tournament and must play on the team they are currently registered with (exceptions to this rule must be approved prior to the start of the Festival/Tournament by the Board of Directors). In the event of a dispute concerning a player’s eligibility, the decision of the Disciplinary Committee will be final. 


Law 4 “Player’s Equipment” is posted on our website, along with OSA guidelines and will be posted at the Festival/Tournament site. Due to the limited time between Festival/Tournament games, coaches are asked to perform a pre-game equipment inspection of their players. 

This takes precedence over the fair play rule -- coaches are expected to sit out players until they are properly equipped to play. To clarify: a player not wearing shin pads; socks that completely cover the pads; a proper jersey and appropriate footwear, cannot play. All jerseys must have sleeves. Sleeves cannot be rolled or tucked up. If any player is wearing inappropriate equipment, which includes hair accessories and jewellery, he/she cannot play until the equipment has been rectified. 

The only exceptions are clearly stated in Law 4. 


Due to the possibility that hazardous conditions such as extreme heat or severe thunderstorms may occur during the Festival/Tournament, it is necessary that all attending teams understand the procedures that will be followed. Only the Referee and/or the Festival/Tournament Committee are authorized to postpone a game. In the event of hazardous conditions, including thunder and lightning, the Referee or the Festival/Tournament Committee will suspend play until conditions permit a safe continuation of the playing schedule. Further, if necessary due to extreme weather conditions, the Festival/Tournament Committee may cancel any game which cannot be fit back into the schedule. In the event of extreme weather, the rink end of the Community Centre will be available for indoor shelter.


U6:  If one team does not have sufficient players, divide the available players from the two teams and go ahead with a scrimmage.

U8:  Mini field teams can play with 5 players, if a team does not have sufficient players, divide the available players from the two teams and go ahead with a scrimmage. 


U6 (unlimited, same as regular season)


7 v 7 Mini Field (same as regular season)

1.      All stoppages except injury

2.      Substitution for an ejected player allowed for mini field games, only the ejected player can be substituted



Games will start at the scheduled times. There will be no time to warm up on the field prior or at the scheduled game time. If you are warming up, please do so before the scheduled game time without interfering with other games.

U6 Games

Each game is 15 minutes long, with 5 minutes to switch up teams between the games.  Each team has 3 games.

U8 Games

Each game will consist of two 12 minute halves with 1 minute between halves to quickly grab some water and change keepers and switch ends.  Each team has 4 games.


U6 and U8:  all Festival games end in a 0-0 tie

9.  REFEREES - applies to U8 games only

The referee enforces the laws of the game and is to be treated with respect at all times.  Coaches are responsible for passing this information to their players and spectators.

When the WCSC appoints only one referee for a game, each coach is to appoint a responsible person to assist the referee, whose duties, subject to the decision of the referee, are to: 

  • Indicate when the whole of the ball has passed out of the field of play.
  • Remain impartial to both teams while performing these duties


Both coaches are to provide the referee with 2 copies of their game sheet, downloaded from the website, with players’ names before the game starts. At the end of the game, the referee is to return one completed game sheet to each coach. Both coaches and the referee are required to deliver their completed game sheets to the registration tent within 15 minutes of the end of the game (or before leaving the Festival premises). 


a) Team Officials/Spectators: The referee may eject a team official or spectator from the vicinity of a game. The Disciplinary Committee reserves the right to impose a longer penalty. 

b) The WCSC Code of Conduct: The Festival/Tournament Committee reserves the right to impose penalties for violations of the WCSC Code of Conduct up to and including ejection from the Festival/Tournament site.