Referee Payment Instructions & Fee Schedule
 Details For Referee Payment

For Games Assigned by West Carleton Soccer Club

For WCSC house league referees, Talons U9-U12 CR's, Talons AR's and WCSC GLSL referees assigned by WCSC:

WCSC games will be assigned using Ref Centre.  Your availability needs to be set up in Ref Centre before you can be assigned to a game. Once a game "offer" has been issued, it must be confirmed by the referee on-line, otherwise, the game will be offered to another referee.

After the game:  the referee report must be filled in on Ref Centre (this report is for statistics and discipline records and is also used to verify invoice submissions).

How to get paid for games assigned by the WCSC:   please download a copy of the invoice and save to your computer, then edit the saved copy to submit for payment, along with the completed game sheets, throughout the 2018 regular season.


The invoice is the "bill" you submit to the WCSC so you can be paid; the game sheets are the "receipts" that show you have refereed at the game.  The game sheets are also the official record of the game -- every game sheet must have the score filled in clearly, and your signature clearly on it in the space provided.  If you are an AR at a game, the CR will send in the game sheets -- make sure your name is clearly marked in the AR space on each game sheet before you leave the game.  Use the "Other" section of the invoice when needed.

Both the invoice and the game sheets are required before payment will be issued.

Invoices with game sheets to be mailed or dropped off on the dates in the drop down menu at the bottom of the invoice -- every 2 weeks throughout the season, beginning with June 5 (please enter the date each time you submit an invoice, using the drop down menu at the bottom of the invoice).  Use one invoice to submit games for each 2 week period.  Use a separate line on the invoice for each game, if you are the AR at a game use the "H L AR"(House League AR) or the "Y C AR" (Youth Competitive AR) space and the drop down to select the age, you must know the game number and date which can also be found on RefCentre, you will not submit a game sheet when you are AR. 

2019 Referee Invoice for games assigned by West Carleton Soccer Club ONLY -- revised May 31, 2019

Clear copies, game sheets with invoices can be faxed to 613-832-5466

or game sheets scanned to pdf (pdf format acceptable for game sheets, no picture files) -- invoices to be sent as an excel attachment and emailed to -- on the specified dates, every 2 weeks throughout the season, beginning with June 5

or hard copies can be dropped off at:  3397 Kinburn Side Road (between Kinburn and Hwy 417, white arbor in yard).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Missing or unclear documents will result in delays in payment.  When printing your invoice, please ensure the format is "landscape" not "portrait".  

 2019 Rates For Referees


WCSC House League 
U8 $20.00 N/A
WCSC House League
U10 $22.00 N/A
WCSC House League U12 $27.00 $18.00
WCSC House League/WOSC House U14 $42.00 $22.00
WCSC House League U15 $45.00 $22.00
WCSC House League U16/17 $45.00  $22.00 
WCSC House League U18 $50.00 $24.00
Women's (GLSL) Over 30/40 Over 30/40 $50.00 $25.00
Talons Youth U9/U10 $25.00  N/A
Talons Youth  U11/U12 $32.00  $25.00
Talons Youth  U13/U14 N/A  $30.00
Talons Youth U15/U16 N/A   $32.00
 Talons Youth  U17  N/A  $35.00
Travel Allowance: West Carleton Referees that travel out of their home community to act as referee (CR or AR) at any game in West Carleton (HL/GLSL Women's assigned by the WCSC) will be paid a travel fee of $8.00. 

Exception: If a referee is assigned more than one game per day and travel between games is not required, only one travel fee will be paid.

Note: These are the regular season rates. Tournament rates may vary, travel allowance does not apply to tournaments.

All WCSC house league, Women's GLSL and Youth Competitive games will be assigned using Ref Centre.  Referees must be registered with the OSA, and registered in Ref Centre to be assigned to games.  To receive payment, referees must complete their game reports on-line in ref centre and submit their invoice, along with the signed game sheets to the WCSC.