About Talons Soccer


The West Carleton Soccer Club is proud to announce a new brand identity for our development/competitive Talons program. The Talons Crest is inspired by traditional soccer crest designs incorporating the colours and spirit of the Talons program. The crest itself is a classic shield design with the West Carleton Talons name boldly positioned at the top. The center piece of the crest is the Golden Eagle emblem. The Golden Eagle is looking straight ahead with talons raised and ready for battle. The refined soccer ball is the focus of the Golden Eagles’ attention and makes it clear that the Talons are here to play! The Crest stays true to the WCSC colour pallet with green and white as the primary colours complemented by the dramatic black highlights and a beautiful gold for the outline and Golden Eagle emblem.

The WCSC Talons Crest appears on Talons team jerseys and shorts.



The West Carleton Soccer Club has a Youth Development/Competitive Division known as the West Carleton Talons. The Talons are a growing division of the club. Teams for each season are formed through an evaluation process in late winter and/or early spring.

The Talons play in the East Region Soccer League (ERSL), which includes teams from Clubs in the greater Ottawa Region.  Each pool in which the Talons compete will consist of a small subset of these clubs. Please note that not every club enters teams at every age group. 

Just like players in House League, the Talons have one practice and one game per week and the season runs from May to August. Talons teams have the option to enter development/competitive festivals and tournaments as well. Schedules will not be generated until May.  Players are expected to arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled game time, in accordance with the league policies.






Competitive Soccer: Talons