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References and Articles for Coaches

Long Term Player Development Wellness to World Cup

11+ Exercise Cards - Key injury prevention warm-up/exercises; players can do these on their own too!

11+ Summary Card - One page summary of the above.

Big Field - A blank snapshot of a field that you can print off and draw on (a substitute for a white board).

Five Favorite practices Les Reed - Five practices focusing on using four defenders (backs)

Five Favorite Practices of Chris Apple in the penalty area - These drills focus on getting players comfortable working in the penalty area (on defense and offense).

Game Lineup - A nifty tool to help you get your thoughts in order before the game re: who starts, who is off, and any thoughts you have as the game progresses.

Game Stats - Another nifty tool that allows you to track game stats like # corners/shots/turnover/headers (or any other skill that you are trying to get your players to use in a game situation). Very useful for half time and post game reflection with players.

Sports Psychology/Emotional Intelligence:

Two documents that talk about some of the key mental and emotional skills that high performing athletes need to develop

Mental Skills Training for Soccer Traits of  High Achievers

Sports Psych


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