True Sport

The WCSC is a declared member of the True Sport Movement

This means that we subscribe to the True Sport Values and Principles, and support making a positive, deliberate commitment to values-driven sport

True Sport Values

True Sport is founded on an explicit set of core values. These values are not imposed from above. Rather, they grow out of what Canadians believe is important and want to see manifested in community sport: inclusion, fairness, excellence and fun. These values apply across all sports and at all levels of sport individuals, teams, schools, leagues, associations, communities even cities.


True Sport ensures inclusion by increasing accessibility and opportunities for participation in sport, while providing a welcoming, culturally diverse sport environment.


True Sport embraces fairness by promoting fair and ethical sport programs which translate into a positive sport experience for participants. Values such as respect, fair play and a love of the game are ingrained in the philosophy and implemented in community activities.


True Sport encourages sporting excellence and demonstrates high levels of participation in sport and physical activity. For example, a True Sport community boasts a number of aspiring and elite athletes, commits to hosting sporting events, and fosters a healthy number of sports clubs and recreation centres.


True Sport embraces the concept of FUN. For example, a True Sport community ensures that programs and services provide activities that focus not only on skills and competition, but also on the social aspect of participating in sport.

The next layer of the True Sport system is its practices. These are the behaviors that are put into play on the ground and that make the values concrete. Behaviors such as:

  • Playing fair
  • Treating teammates and competitors with respect
  • Abiding by the rules of the game
  • Playing drug-free
  • Penalizing inappropriate behavior

These practices will be employed and enforced by all True Sport athletes, teams, leagues, associations and communities.

True Sport Principles

Go For It

Always rise to the challenge.

Discover how good you can be.

Play Fair

Play honestly and obey the rules.

Winning is only real when competition is fair.

Respect Others

Respect teammates, competitors and officials, both on and off the field.

Win with dignity and lose with grace.

Keep it Fun

Have a good time. Keep a positive attitude and contribute to a positive atmosphere.

Stay Healthy

Respect your body. Keep in shape.

Avoid unsafe activities.

Give Back

Do something that helps your community.